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In addition to finding antiques, there are other factors to check out in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, consisting of to discover and use Meditation Areas to raise Kena’s optimum HP. There are different missions to finish throughout Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and a minimum of 16 tough managers to eliminate.

The video game has 12 Meditation Areas spread throughout numerous locations. A few of them can be challenging to find, however discovering all of them is beneficial. At each area, Kena will stop to practice meditation which completely increases her health. With managers like the Corrupt Rot God to combat later on in the video game, increasing Kena’s health is can have a considerable impact on how tough each employer is. Gamers can find the Meditation Areas in 7 various locations of the video game.

Finding every Meditation Area in Kena: Bridge of Spirits will spend some time. They lie in the Town, Taro’s Tree, Rusu Mountain, the Forgotten Forest, the Fields, the Town Heart, and the Mountain Shrine. Each location has one to 3 Meditation Areas for Kena to check out and make use of. The areas can be determined by the radiant blue circle discovered at each place.

The Town.

Beat the Mask Maker employer and head to the right to discover the Meditation Area at the edge of a cliff.
There’s a Meditation Area directly ahead after beating the Hunter manager.
After getting the Town Crest antique, there will be a Meditation Area right in front of Kena.

Taro’s Tree.

This area will appear ahead of Kena after beating the Corrupted Taro.

Rusu Mountain.

Leap to the damaged bridge to the right of the Rusu’s Yard warp stone. Shoot the arrow on the tree to warp over to the Meditation Area.

The Forgotten Forest.

Go to the Spiritual Tree warp stone and follow the course till reaching a little bridge. Go delegated follow the river upstream to discover a blue stone throughout the water. Shoot it to raise 2 platforms, then continue to the Meditation Area.
There’s a Forest Tear on the course to the Lantern Cavern that can be utilized to clear the corruption on the. Doing so will expose another Meditation Area.

The Fields.

There’s a Meditation Sot ignoring the sea on the plateau of the high tower next to some ruins.
Go to the Forge warp stone and into the back space. There’s an area that Kena can go up and vibrate throughout to reach a ledge and hurdle to the next structure over. The Meditation Area will be within.
This Meditation Area will appear in front of Kena after beating the Corrupt Woodsmith.

The Town Heart.

Enter into the cavern near the Town Heart entryway. Head through the cavern and outdoors to the left, then clear the corruption listed below. Utilize a bomb to raise the platforms and make clear the space to discover the Meditation Area.

The Mountain Shrine.

The last Meditation Area appears after beating the Corrupt Rot God and finishing the video game. Gamers might require to leave the location and return to practice meditation if it does not work the very first time.

Gamers must concentrate on finding Meditation Areas if they are having difficulty making it through in battle. Increasing Kena’s health will aid with employer fights, particularly later on in the video game. Discovering all 12 areas in Kena: Bridge of Spirits will take a little bit of time and expedition, however they approve a good benefit, and any completionist gamer will wish to track them down.
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