Feel Inspired & Alive with This Morning Motivation Guided Meditation

Wake up this morning feeling alive, inspired and motivated for the day. This 10 minute guided meditation is will help you start the day in the right mind set. Enjoy!

Instant Calming Techniques For You

Feeling stressed? Need help calming your nerves? Here are six stress reduction techniques that require only a minute or two to immediately calm and refresh you.

Wonderful Benefits of Meditation for the Modern Age

We exist in a fast moving world at the moment. Western civilization tends to create a stress and strain that may be very unforgiving on the best of occasions. The expense of living is rising just about everywhere you look. Thousands of people have careers that requires more and more from us yet we get paid less. We now have to be grateful we’ve got a job because so many are out of work and can’t obtain any occupation. On these limited finances we are raising young families, we have employers breathing down our necks (if we’re lucky), as well as have traffic, and monthly bills, and bills and more monthly bills.

Three Essential Principles of Qigong Meditation

Qigong Meditation is an ancient Chinese exercise which trains the mind, body and your breathing. These 3 essential factors are vital.

5 Ways To Practice Mindfulness at Your Desk

Mindfulness practice is all about coming back to your practice as often as possible. This article shares five ways you can continue that practice while sitting at your desk.

Breathing Exercises As A Great Stress Relief Technique

Breathing has many benefits. One of them is stress relief. Breathing exercises help you achieve deep relaxation and counter the effects of stress on the mind and body.

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