Feel The Peace & Serenity Within You ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Allow this 10 minute guided meditation bring you to that still place of peace and serenity deep within you.

Learn the Basics of Meditation

Meditation pertains to a state of relaxation of body and focus of mind. Those who practice meditation say they notice an increase in focus, concentration, attention, along with a more positive outlook. You can learn to use meditation to reduce stress, gain focus and clarity in your life.

How Meditation Unravels the Brain and Solves Problems

It is something easy to do when one trains in the right way and that is where meditation and self-control comes in. As a spiritual person my brain underwent a period of adjustment to remove thoughts of worldly things. It was, however, helped by the Spirit which directed me. It took me through a learning period whereby many things were revealed and one of them was how to stop the brain from running wild when it is more desirable to have it under control.

Hearing God Speak Through Meditation

Before acting on a situation my usual position is to meditate on it and listen to how it should be resolved. This is the power of sitting quietly and listening to the inner voice which speaks to us and solves problems. It is the reason why we may go to bed puzzled over an issue that seems to have no solution but in the morning the answer is there ready to be enacted on.

How to Incorporate Your Affirmations Into Your Daily Meditation

Thoughts and words can be a man’s best friends or worst foes, depending on how they are put to use. The human mind has an amazing ability to maneuver his thoughts and actions in the direction he wants to. This forms the essence of positive affirmations, which are used for self-healing, motivation and achieving one’s goals. Repeating positive affirmations specific to your situation can actually increase your ability to perform the task.

Manifesting Your Life: The Power of Meditation

Disease and sickness never spell doom for anyone. Instead, it is the inability to find what ails you and address it with vigor, which causes ultimate misery. The human mind and body has an inherent capacity to heal its ailments through will power, self-analysis and deep-rooted insights. When we bring our true inner zeal to full consciousness and put it to use, the most severe of sicknesses can be identified and healed.

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