Feel Your Best ~ Morning Guided Meditation

A wonderful way to start your day, this 10 minute morning meditation guiding you into feeling your best. Our ability to choose which emotion we want to feel in the present moment can liberate ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions, and enter into a flow state increasing the positive momentum of feeling our best.

Meditate the Way You Enter a Hot Bath

Meditation isn’t always easy but it is always possible. When you approach it the way you approach a hot bath, you’ll achieve your goals even on the difficult days.

Don’t Ignore Distractions

When your mind goes quiet, that’s when you’re most vulnerable to distractions. That doesn’t mean that meditation is hopeless. Knowing how to properly handle distractions will help you in and beyond your meditation sessions.

Post-Meditation Gibberish Means It’s Working

There’s a strange thing that happens to some meditators. They find that, after a session, they find it hard to speak well. Losing your words doesn’t happen to everyone but it’s perfectly natural. If you don’t like waiting, you can learn how to reactivate your vocabulary quickly and easily.

How to Truly Let Go In Meditation

Some days, your thoughts race. It can be hard to let go and meditate deeply. Fortunately, there are strategies that calm your mind, sharpen your focus and draw your awareness into the ideal state. Practice these and your meditation sessions become so much easier.

Should You Combine Meditation Techniques?

Meditation comes in many flavours. Even mindfulness meditation has your choice on what to focus on. Should you stick with drawing your awareness to one thing, or should you move your awareness through the session?

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