Feeling Full of Positive Energy (10 Minute Guided Meditation)

A great way to experience Positive Energy using this 10 minute guided meditation. Take a short break while you generate positive energy from within, you will end the meditation feeling amazing… we promise! Enjoy!!

Musings On Meditation

Did you know that in a typical day you think approximately 60,000 thoughts? What is even more astounding is that 90 percent of those thoughts you thought yesterday. Most of us would like to think we are constantly expressing creative thoughts and ideas, but apparently that is not the case! Psychology reveals that the majority of our thought patterns and beliefs are formed at a very early age and repeat themselves over and over throughout our lives.

The Benefits of Guided Meditation Audios

Guided Meditation Audio is an effective method to discover the benefits of meditation without engaging in decades of practising. Regular meditation has been found to impact almost any part of your daily life in the most beneficial of ways. Try it for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

Apply Hemi Sync to Train Your Brain

Brain is the most important part of our body; it is responsible for all the functioning. Hemi sync is one mediation process that helps to train your brain and make it more powerful.

Morning Meditation: A Peaceful Way to Start Our Day

Morning meditation is such a key part to our day. I want to look at it together and explore how we can make it a wonderful, transforming experience so that our day can go well each and every day.

Practice Meditation Techniques for Stress to Have Dreamless Nights

In recent times, where the level of stress in each and every individual is rising, meditation has a vital role to play. This article shows how meditation techniques for stress and the meditation for sleep methods help an individual attain a peaceful mental condition along with physical wellness.

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