Feeling Full of Unconditional Happiness ~ 10 minute guided meditation

What would it feel like to become full of Happiness for no good reason? This 10 minute guided meditation will allow you to feel just that. Unconditional Happiness is already within you, allow yourself to remove any mental blocks, and invite the feelings of happiness to open up inside. Enjoy!

Don’t Lose Yourself In Meditation

Deep meditative trances are wonderful things to experience. But sometimes you encounter a trance that’s a little too deep. When this happens, there’s a simple technique you can learn that grounds you back in reality.

The Not-So-Secret Technique for Meditating Anywhere

There’s a (not-so-) secret technique in meditation. If you know it, it amplifies the benefits you get and accelerates your learning journey. If you don’t know it, then chances are that you’ll lose patience right when things get good. Learn all about how to apply it to your inner explorations.

When to Make and Break Meditation Rituals

Meditation rituals make it more likely that you’ll stick with the practice. They make it easier to enter a trance state, easier to keep going and more fun, too. But there are times to abandon your rituals, leaving them shattered behind you. Knowing when to do this will take your inner development to a new level.

What Meditation Has To Do With Small Talk

Small talk, religious ceremonies and meditation have one thing in common: they use rituals to engage your unconscious mind. Understanding more about the rules your inner mind lives by will help you in and beyond your meditation practices.

The Best Way to Start Meditating

Breathing is a key technique in meditation and self-hypnosis. If you want to meditate better, then learn how to harness your attention and your body’s processes to enter a trance state and stabilise it.

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