Feeling The Positive Energy of Gratitude ~ 10 Minute Morning Guided Meditation

Feeling full of positive energy by focusing on Gratitude, this 10 Minute guided meditation is the perfect way to start your day. Use it first thing in the morning, or when ever you need that little extra boost of positivity. Enjoy!

Alpha Meditation: Experience Naturally Relaxing Brainwaves Every Time You Want

Alpha meditation is part of the brainwave meditation method. Alpha frequency ranges from 7 to 13 Hz. The concept of brainwave meditation is to bring the brain to a natural comfort zone that you would usually reach during a subconscious state. Its benefits are numerous and the technique is easy to learn and practice for anyone.

How to Meditate Like a Real Monk

You’ve probably seen the adverts that claim you can meditate like a Zen monk just by listening to an audio file. And personally I’m a fan of them – I use a binaural beats meditation on an almost daily basis – but a lot of people at least want to find out whether it’s possible to meditate like a real monk.

Merkaba Meditation: Your Common Questions Answered Simply!

Recent studies have shown that human emotions such as love, joy and gratefulness affect the human DNA. It increases the length of our DNA strands and enhances our perceptivity (ESP, clairvoyance, intuition and et cetera). Emotions such as fear, anger, and despair make our DNA shrink. As a result more and more people are drawn to meditation as an alternative form of medicine because consistent practice has calming, restorative and healing effects to the body. Meditation can decrease stress level and treat depression naturally. It can normalize pulse rate, lower blood pressure, control hormones and many more. There are a number of meditation forms; the one that is gaining a lot of interests, and popularity today is merkaba meditation because it is known as a healing meditation form.

Why We Don’t Meditate: And How We Can Change This

Let’s explore why we don’t meditate twice a day? Some of us do, but many of us don’t meditate when we should. People come home after a long, hard day of work, finish their day and fall into bed without meditating. There’s simply ‘no time’ for meditation. But why don’t we find the time?

Boosting Our Self Confidence: The Magnetic Personality We Create

This article is inspired by one of my listeners from the Netherlands. She is recently divorced and is rebuilding her life. She wanted some advice on how to build self-confidence again. I decided that in response to her e-mail I would like to address using meditation as a means to boost our self-confidence.

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