Full of Positive Feelings with this Gratitude Guided Meditation

The practice of gratitude has been said to increase your dopamine production. The advantages of rehearsing Gratitude Guided Meditations are almost interminable. Individuals who consistently practice appreciation by setting aside effort to see and think about the things they’re grateful for experience increasingly positive feelings, feel progressively invigorated, rest better, express more empathy and thoughtfulness, and even have more grounded safe frameworks. Enjoy!

How To Learn Meditation – Online Meditation Programs

Ever wonder how to learn meditation? The internet has become the best resource for finding out just about anything, including getting help to learn meditation. Online meditation programs are a great way to learn the practice and can even encourage a continuous practice.

How To Control Anger With Mindfulness

How to control anger… in any situation? Here is a light approach to this very heavy subject exploring 3 simple steps on how to control anger – starting with a recent run in with our provincial police…

Mindful Eating – A Solution To Over Eating or Snacking

This article introduces mindful eating and its benefits. Find out how eating slowly and with full awareness helps you improve your diet, digestion and overall enjoyment from eating. – Activities like working or driving while you are eating can affect your digestion in a negative way – mindful eating results in healthy digestion and appreciation for our food – mindful eating as a powerful tool for binge eaters – mindful eating can reduce overeating by giving our body the needed time to properly intake and digest the food

What Is Mindful Meditation? A Simple How To Guide and Free Meditation

Here I explore a brief definition of the practice and it’s Western Psychological benefits. At the end there is a Mindfulness Meditation Guide for your own personal practice.

What Is Mindfulness? Mindfulness Meditation Explained

With the growth of mindfulness meditation as an intervention for stress, tension, anxiety, depression, pain, rumination, sleeplessness, and many other common ailments, this is quickly becoming a big question arising all over North America and world wide.So what is mindfulness? From my personal experience, it is simply a way of being in this world and it can be applied to everything that we do. Think of it as bringing a fullness of experience, understanding and presence to our actions.

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