Fully Present Body Scan Guided Meditation

Allow this 10 minute guided meditation to bring you into the present moment using a powerful body scan technique. Enjoy!

The Benefits and Meaning of Meditation

looking into what meditation is why its important for you and how it benefits you. Real basic principles of regular practice that can dramatically improve your life, health, finances and overall life happiness.

Meditation Music Makes It Easy

We’ve all heard of mood music, but “music to meditate to”? It sounds a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it? Of course, the power of meditation to speed healing, enhance mood – all those good things have been scientifically proven and are widely accepted today.

How To Use Meditation For Better Health!

Meditation can provide wonderful health benefits. With practice, time and a little effort you will be able to discover the ‘hidden’ power with you. Your will gain increased attention, better focusing, improved concentration, more perception, decreased stress, and you will achieve a calmer, more serene and happier life.

Meditation, Using Brainwave Entrainment, Is Good For Memory Loss

Memory loss, whether age-related or from a degenerative disease, can benefit from meditative practice. Specially designed brainwave entrainment recordings for meditation, can help with the symptoms of memory loss in a fast, efficient way.

The Science of Mindfulness: Why Does Observing Our Emotions Reduce Anxiety?

Did you know the positive effects of mindfulness on anxiety have been scientifically shown? Join me as I explain the science of mindfulness and why it reduces anxiety.

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