Gratitude The Miracle of Life Guided Meditation

Experience the Miracle of life happening all around you after trying this 10 Minute Gratitude Guided Meditation. Focusing on all the great things happening in your life will sure to attract more greatness into your life. Enjoy!

Six Crazy, Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Meditation Cushion

This article is a brief overview of six whacky reasons why using a meditation cushion, and why maintaining the proper posture, is so important to a person’s physical health. Surprisingly, the reasons range from breathing better and keeping blood pressure down to protecting cardiovascular health.

Is There Any Connection Between Meditation and Productivity?

With the increasing competition in any business, it is imperative for workers to remain innovatively productive to keep holding their jobs. Hard working people, when devoting additional time to increase their productivity, frequently get stressed up. When working under stress, one can’t ever remain productive and usually begins to hate his job.

Who Is Really in Charge?

Have you ever noticed that many times, you see the right way and you approve it as well, but you still follow the wrong way? You walk past a bakery store, you see luscious chocolate chip cookies. You know that you are not supposed to eat cookies.

Improving the Meditation Process – Part 1

You essentially need perseverance when you want to perfect the techniques of meditation. You require a lot of practice to attain the state of being in peace, and undoubtedly, the most important prerequisite for that is having tons of patience. However, there are many helpful techniques that allow you to reach a deeper level of meditation and enrich your experience while practicing meditation.

4 Of The Best Meditation Poses

Yoga poses are very effective in helping you to meditate. If you are curious, here are some of the best meditation postures that you can try out: Easy posture This is the most liked pose because it’s very easy. Here you only need to sit on the floor and reach for the ceiling in order to align and stretch the spine.

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