Guided 10 Minute Meditation for Positive Energy

This guided 10 minute meditation will allow you to Connect with Positive Loving Energy. By going within, and sending out love into the universe, noticing how the positive energy is returned to you by ten fold. Give it a try, you will feel great! Enjoy!

Meditation and Stillness

For a change, I would like to introduce this topic with a poem I wrote called “Beyond”. Beyond…I am travelling beyond the universe…Beyond the sphere of life…

The Reactive Mind and How It Holds Us Back

The reactive mind is an ancient mind we carry along with us which is designed to override our analytical mind and save our skins if we are under threat. But is your reactive mind really our friend. Read below and decide for yourself.

Deep Breathing Exercises: How And Why To Use Them

This article is an introductory guide to deep breathing exercises. It looks at their benefits and uses and shows you how to get started.

Meditation Before Bed

When was the last time you had a really good night’s sleep and woke up alert, rested and ready for your day? How many times during the day do you find yourself nodding off, longing to grab a few minutes’ kip? When you finally get to bed, are you able to switch off and go to sleep or is your normal sleep pattern fitful as you toss and turn all night, your mind whirring as you replay the events of the day?

Super Powerful Meditation Techniques

In this age of high tech super fast nano second technology we expect instant results. We expect to press a button and see an image, report, a familiar face or audio download instantly. Words like wait, patience, sit still and observe send you into a frenzy and overdrive mode as you try and fast forward time.

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