Guided Meditation for Connecting to all that is

This beautiful 10 minute oneness guided meditation helps you feel a sense of deep peace in the present moment, while simultaneously locking in to a feeling of oneness that helps uplift the vibration of humanity. You will feel not only at peace for yourself, but also at peace for the world after listening to this guided meditation for oneness. Enjoy!

5 Misconceptions About Meditation

First, meditation is not a religion. Even though meditation is a spiritual discipline and it is mainly based on several religious principles, it does not fully stick to a definite faith. It also does not attract or encourage people of different religions to join in worship. It may have similarities to a prayer, but it does not teach you to pray to a higher entity or to worship a higher being.

3 Powerful Meditation Exercises – Mastery of Acceptance is Mastery of Meditation

Most people who want to master meditation miss the importance of a crucial element: relaxation and acceptance! Now you can begin to look at your life and weave in relaxation in as many places as possible… and as you weave in relaxation more and more, you will begin to cultivate deep and powerful acceptance for all that arises within.

What Preparation Do You Need in Order to Meditate?

Meditation is a very personal experience. There are many different types of meditation promoted by many different guru’s and sages. To get started let’s consider what you need to prepare yourself for meditating. In reality for those who are skilled in the art of meditation they can go into a meditative state in the blink of an eye anywhere they happen to be.

Would You Like Meditation 101?

Meditation has frequently been misunderstood. Some believe that meditation is a new age phenomena, others think it came to us from the East and so is tied up in Buddhism, Hinduism and the Asian religions. The truth is that meditation has nothing to do with a particular cult, or religion.

Meditation and Mindfulness

It’s often said that those who wish to meditate should seek to be mindful, but what does this mean? What is mindfulness? Is it some secret state of awareness that lets us track the cosmos?

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