I am Thankful Guided Meditation for Gratitude

Use this 10 min guided gratitude meditation to enter into the energy of genuine gratitude any time you need an emotional boost. Every day is a great day to be thankful, and by practising gratitude can really change how you feel. Give it a try and let us know how you feel afterwards. Enjoy!

Meditation For Beginners – The Easy Way – As it Should Be

Meditation for beginners can often be a daunting task. How do I start? What should I feel? Am I doing it right? These are just some of the questions a beginner will ask him or herself when they start to learn to meditate.

I Want to Astral Project

Ever dream of going out of your own body? Some people believe its possible.

Using Affirmations For Meditative Purposes

I turn to the Bible for affirmations to use for meditative purposes. Psalm 31 provides affirmations that help me meditate on the goodness and love of God. These verses affirm me as a dearly loved child of God.

Do the Best Meditations CDs Include Music?

Meditation is hugely popular these days, as more and more people discover the enormous range of benefits that a regular meditation practice can bring. There are many different ways to meditate, and a lot of people find it beneficial to listen to a meditation recording. Many such recordings include music, but is this always a good idea?

Improve Your Way of Life Through Various Meditation Techniques

It’s been a while since meditation techniques have been present. Lots of religious sectors use it to link the human world to spirits or convey signals.

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