If Feels so Good to Let Go and Surrender ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Feel the release as you let go ad surrender to the moment. This 10 minute guided meditation will guide you into a relaxing surrendered state as you totally let go. Becoming one with the present moment feels so good!

Meaning of Meditation

When you hear the word meditation, you probably think Yoga. That’s because for a very long time, or at least over the past few decades, meditation has primarily been performed as a part of Yoga. But meditation, doesn’t really have anything to do with Yoga. It is in fact an act in itself. Meditation is generally performed after doing Yoga asanas/postures, because yoga pushes you into a state of calm, which is perfect for meditation.

Nature of Meditation

Meditation and its nature. Is it only an exercise or more than that? Meditation is indeed one of the steps to achieve ‘yoga’.

What Is True Meditation?

Meditation is the method of synthesis which can commune us with the whole cosmos, making us one with the Absolute. It does not imply mere sitting in a specific posture and practising a few exercises or the very attempts of concentrating on a void.

4 Benefits of a Daily Meditation Practice

Do you want to meditate? Here’s an introduction on how and why to meditate along with four ways that meditation is beneficial.

The Glow of Self Awareness: Meditation Techniques

Meditation is the process of focusing on one thought, or focusing on the nothingness of the mind. Both methods involve getting rid of the mind’s clutter. No personal growth process is complete without meditation. Even ten minutes of meditation every day can significantly improve all spheres of well being.

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