Let These Positive Affirmations Take Hold While You Sleep ~ Guided Meditation ~ Female voice

Allow This Guided Sleep Meditation with Positive Affirmations reprogram the subconscious mind while sleeping, it’s an incredibly effective tool incorporating calm sleep music that we should incorporate in our lives in order to bring about meaningful changes for manifesting our life to the fullest.

Since we all have a subconscious mind that retains everything, stores both our values and our feelings, it’s a fact that our subconscious mind is a strong force inside us. The fact is, you must reprogram your subconscious mind to see progress.

Basically, what you can do to reprogram the subconscious is replace old restricting values with new constructive ones, as well as bad behaviours.
You are in the theta state of mind right before you go to sleep, and in this state ideas and affirmations quickly reach the subconscious mind.

Change your Beliefs and PAST CONDITIONING – CONFIDENCE, ABUNDANCE, MONEY and inner SELF-WORTH AFFIRMATIONS. POWERFUL!! Change your frequency and re programme your subconscious mind while you sleep.

The clam sleep music will ensure your deep sleep while the soft ‘I Am’ affirmations from the inside out will change your beliefs.

Deep Calm Sleep Music, Powerful & Positive Affirmations.

Our guided meditations with affirmations are built to help you practise new thoughts and language in the direction you really want to go. Make the turn to experiencing the abundance and happiness that is your real and normal existence from your default settings of scarcity, uncertainty and not enough-ness.

Meditation And Active Thought

Thinking about the nature of reality deeply often changes it. Meditation and powerful active thinking are not an exception. Being overly busy and overly active changes reality less than being “inactive” and doing some sort of meditation or deep thought that goes down deep into the reality controlling parts of the brain, spirit and mind.

The Bankrupt Mind

This article is to designed to help you discover the magic in your own mind. It can help you find out more about meditation and how you relate your inner world to the outside world.

Rebuilding Your Mind and Body With Mindfulness

Mindfulness can change the structure of your brain and help you heal. This article describes how mindfulness practice helped the author heal from a life-threatening illness.

How to Start a Meditation Practice

Along with regular exercise, excellent nutrition and as much daylight as possible, the other tool in my anxiety toolkit is daily meditation. And so I wanted to write a post for anyone who has thought about meditating, or thinks it might help them, but don’t know how to get started. Just like exercising, you need to find a way of meditating that is not too much of a chore, otherwise you won’t do it.

Focus on Mindfulness

Scientific research shows that mindfulness meditation lowers levels of stress, improves your inter-personal relationships and improves your ability to sense your intuition,even within as short a time as eight weeks. Studies show that certain qualities traditionally cultivated within a religious context are good for both our psychological and physical health. Those of us who have a disposition for forgiveness have an increased resilience to stress and greater mental and physical health, compassion and gratitude have similar health benefits.

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