Letting Go Completely ~ Guided into a Deeper Level of Meditation

Watch what happens when you begin to fully let go and allow yourself to be guided into a deeper level of meditation. This is a short 10 minute guided meditation which will quickly deepen your state of awareness.

Letting go, truly letting go, not only of our conscious ideas about everything, which is, but even of our unconscious interpretations of everything… this is the profound benefit of meditation.

After completing this meditation, spend two to three minutes analysing all that occurred during that session. It will deepen the meditation practise, and resolve obstacles. You may also share your experience in the comments.

The deeper levels of meditation give perspective into who you really are. This knowledge is gained not by belief or reasoning, but only by experiencing, by being completely still, relaxing the mind and then observing.

Do I Really Need to Just Sit?

Paul Farrell at MarketWatch recently wrote about meditation in an article. He highlighted the common difficulty met by beginner and wannabe meditators. This difficulty is that of sitting.

Heaviness or Over-Energized After Meditation?

Have you felt a certain kind of heaviness in the entire body after meditation? That might be because of being over-energized or because the troubling thoughts/emotions coming on surface. What do you do at such times?

How to Meditate to Stop Panic Attacks

Meditation is a “tool” that you can learn and incorporate into your daily life. One of the great things about meditation is its’ simplicity; not only is it easy to learn but you will find the results both calming and peaceful. Thus, learning how to meditate to stop panic attacks will be the perfect answer for you as a way to deal with the symptoms of panic or anxiety disorders. When you learn how to meditate to stop panic attacks regularly, you will find yourself spiritually centered and experience inner peace. Also, you will be in a great position for guard yourself against the negative day-to-day stresses in life.

In Meditation You Are Thinking

People sometimes think that meditation is no thought. Believing this when I first started meditating really held me back. Find out what I learned and how I overcame this.

Why Meditation Matters – Tips From a Magic Monk

Meditation is a difficult practice to master. Meditation trains the mind to be calm, so that when everyday life is anything but calm, the mind will eventually learn to default to that calm state. For when our minds are calm we are at peace. So then why is meditation so difficult?

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