Manifest the feelings and let the law of attraction go to work ~ 10 Minute guided meditation

You attract what you put out into the world, so lets manifest the underlining feelings you are seeking for now using this 10 minute guided meditation, and let the law of attraction unfold. Enjoy!

Misinterpreting Reality As a Mental Shortcut

In unconscious psychology, the Law of Association is how you trade truth for speed. Usually speed is true enough… until you start to quickly believe lies.

How to Program Your Autopilot

Your habits reside in your unconscious mind. Techniques such as meditation and hypnosis bring conscious control to your unconscious processes. Change your habits the way you’re supposed to.

The Part of You That’s Everything Else

Meditation trains your unconscious mind. But what is your unconscious, exactly? The answer explains why mental exercises tap into so much of your potential.

Crouching Coward, Hidden Shadows

Meditation sometimes conjures challenging new thoughts. The way to handle them is the way you’ve handled everything else: through the techniques you’ve already mastered.

The Peter Parker Moment

Peter Parker was a normal guy until a spider bit him. In a moment, he gained powers he didn’t seek or choose. Meditation, in a way, does the same thing.

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