Morning Energy Higher Self Meditation

Connect yourself with your inner energy and invite your higher self to present itself. This 10 minute morning guided meditation was designed to do just that. Enjoy!

Meditation For Beginners – Focus All the Time

Focus is not something that only occurs within deep meditation. People move in and out of varying degrees of focus throughout the day. As a student of meditation, you will want to spend as much time developing your focus as you can!

4 Reasons Why Caregivers Should Practice Meditation

A long time ago, I suffered from migraines (then I got a divorce and they disappeared, but that’s a totally different story).  When I was being treated for these migraines, one of the therapies they used was biofeedback accompanied by meditation.

Meditation For Beginners – Consistency Before Intensity

What is the significance of intensity and consistency in meditation practice? Why is consistency so much more important, particularly for beginners?

Why Use a Meditation Chair?

Meditation chairs have a lot to offer to the serious meditator. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of meditation chairs, and how they might be able to benefit you.

MP3 Meditation – The Evolution of an Ancient Art

The seeking of the meditation mind is an ancient art. The preserve of mystics, ascetics and shamans. Until now. With the use of 21st century technology, the attainment of deep meditation is available to everyone. the use of binaural beats and isochronic tones create a brainwave entrainment that results in deep, fulfilling meditation.

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