Morning Guided Meditation Creating Your Destiny ~ Law of Attraction

10 Minute Morning Meditation, you are the creator of your destiny, using the Law of Attraction.

Meditation and Abundance, Part III – Climbing Over the Wall of Doubt

In the final part of this series, we will explore the full potential of the mind in creating better personal realities. We will learn how to use the power of our beliefs and emotions to best effect, while remaining aware of the possible pitfalls of employing these unusual creative techniques. One of those pitfalls is trying too hard to make things happen, which can lead to frustration and failure, but the main challenge we must overcome is the constant resistance of the logical, conscious mind. As we noted at the start of this series, our desire to control our outer circumstances requires us first to master our own minds.

Can Gratitude Be a Form of Meditation?

I attended a Yoga teacher intensive in Attleboro, Massachusetts on meditation in 2006. At that intensive, we were taught so many different forms of meditation over the course of a Columbus Day weekend that I filled a note book. One method that really stuck to my mind was a mantra meditation that is so easy to practice.

How Can You Overcome Stress?

Meditation is a highly effective means to overcome stress. It helps restore the body to a calm state. A knowledgeable expert can guide individuals using the correct stress management meditation techniques, helping to relax and focus the flow of thoughts over a sustained time period.

Meditation: How To Gain The True Value Of Life

You often lose the battle with life’s critical moments in your mind. You let the circumstances prevail over your mindset. You tend to create a vision of the world and when that vision is destroyed, you get depressed.

The Buddhist Monk Meditation

Meditation can be really beneficial for you. Here are some at you can follow so you can meditate the way monks do.

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