Negative Energy Detox Meditation ~ Chakra Energy Cleanse

This 10 minute guided meditation will help you clear all negative energy by cleansing your chakra energy centres. Feel balanced, and full of positive energy. A perfect Morning Meditation, Enjoy!

Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety – DIY for Daily Strain and Pressure

Relaxation techniques for anxiety can help you in relieving the pent-up stress and pressure. Unknown to a majority of people is that the physical and emotional beings are closely intertwined. Consequently, your emotions can have an impact on the body. Then again, dealing with the physical indicators can also provide you with emotional relief.

How to Do Meditation – In the Correct Way

Learning how to do meditation in the correct way can provide you with an amazing experience. Meditation is the simplest and organic experience which is accessible to everyone. Through proper meditation, you will not only be able to comprehend, but enhance your state of ecstasy. However, before looking at meditation techniques, let’s first of all look at what is meant by meditation.

What’s the Best Time for Meditation?

As you might expect, there are different opinions as to the best time for meditation, which means that there is no single correct answer to the question and to an extent it will depend on your own schedule. For instance, if the only time you can meditate is midnight then, for you, that will be the best time because it’s the only available one.

What Are Binaural Beats and Can They Help With Meditation?

Binaural beats are used in a lot of different self help and personal development projects, including a number of meditation downloads. The claims are that they can shift the state of your brainwaves purely from you listening to a CD or MP3 with these beats on them. Below, we’ll examine what binaural beats are, how they work with your brain and whether or not the claims that they will help with your regular meditation have any validity.

How to Meditate Properly – Let’s Learn More About Meditation Techniques!

Learning how to meditate properly can enable you to acquire essential problem solving techniques. A couple of minutes of meditation will enable you to unearth things which your analytical mind would not have thought of. Meditation allows you to tap into your hidden wisdom, thereby enabling you to overcome some of the struggles you are facing in life.

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