Positive Affirmations 10 Minute Morning Meditation

A 10 minute guided meditation for waking up, tapping into the positive energy that’s all around you, as you listen to these positive morning affirmations. Let us know how your experience was… Enjoy!

Benefits of Getting a Meditation Expert

Are you looking for some relief from the stress and pressure that you face everyday? The increased work pressure and the changed lifestyle have created lots of problems in our lives.

Japanese Meditation – A Zenergy Chime Trio Can Help You Achieve Balance From Within

When we think about meditation and other relaxing rituals, we often picture a quiet and serene space that is visually soothing. But the sounds we hear during deep relaxation are just as important as the visuals because they can help tune out the “static” and distractions that surround us. For centuries, cultures from around the world have relied on the healing power of resonant sound that comes from meditation gongs and chimes. Find out what the Zenergy Chime can do to quiet your mind.

User’s Manual to Meditation to Deal With Stress

One of the techniques used to handle stress is Meditation. People puzzled with lot of problems will find it hard to focus. Such people will often end up creating problems for themselves. Meditation is a process which helps people attain a calm state of mind without any medications or drugs.

Relaxation Strategies for the Busy Professional

America is a productive nation with an impressive gross national product. However, this overall success may come at a cost. Many busy professionals sacrifice their peace of mind and ability to relax to accomplish and/or maintain success. Consider the following relaxation strategies for stress reduction and to increase relaxation.

Relaxation Music As an Aid for Meditation

Want to meditate but have always thought it was too difficult or too strange? By listening to relaxing new age music, you will find it is much easier than you may have believed.

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