Powerful 10 Minute Healing Guided Meditation

Deeply Powerful Healing Guided Meditation 10 Minutes in length.
Now Available for Download: http://greatmeditation.wixsite.com/guidedmeditations?wix-music-comp-id=comp-jdkzew6t&wix-music-track-id=5732694713434112

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Learn How to Meditate for Beginners And Those That Have Been Meditating For Years

If you want to learn how to meditate, there are a few questions you would be better asking yourself first. In the same way that, if you wanted to learn how to exercise, there are many types of exercises that would be suitable, depending on your age, fitness, time available and just what are the benefits you would be looking for.

The Connection Between Great Teachers and Meditation

All humans are students, and we are all teachers, to some extent. We teach as parents; in our work; in our hobbies; in our social interactions.

What Does My Favorite Color Say About Me?

What’s your favourite colour? That’s a question we’ve all been asked since we were very small.

Writing A Guided Meditation

Here are some general suggestions and guidelines for writing a script for a guided meditation, or guided imagery program. No matter what the subject of your meditation is, following these points will help you connect with your listener, and give them a positive experience.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation

If you are interested in the third eye chakra and you would like to open and activate it, then you may want to try this simple guided third eye meditation. The Third eye chakra, also known as Ajna chakra, is the sixth chakra and is located in the middle of the forehead just above the eyebrows.

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