Powerful 10 Minute Morning Meditation

A Powerful 10 minute morning guided meditation to Wake up and connect to the feeling of unconditional love. Whether you practice while still lying in bed or while sitting up straight, this peaceful practice will help you start your day off in alignment with the energy of unconditional love all around and within you. Enjoy!

Easy Meditation Techniques – The Kundalini Meditation

This easy meditation technique, the Kundalini Meditation, is simple and easy and it is loved by everyone because it does not require anything of us that we don’t know how to do already, except… the point of it is to practise the essential aspect of meditation, meeting the ‘watcher’ in us. But all these particular techniques of Osho, using the body to reach of point of being able to watch the mind, the thoughts – or lack of thoughts – work to first un-freeze our energy blockages (the past in us, as they are the effects of past traumas or fear) in order to be present.

What Are Meditation Cushions?

When you practice meditation, there is nothing more important than getting the right cushion. You need a meditation cushion that will help you relax and get more comfortable while doing your meditation routine.

Reiki Music: What Should You Choose For Your Reiki Attunement And Treatment?

Covers the different types of Reiki music which is commonly used during a Reiki treatment. Also gives information about the different styles of music which are suitable for Reiki music ranging from natural sounds from nature right through to modern popular music styles.

Binaural Beats – Understanding How They Work Along With Who They Help

Binaural beats are a common form of brainwave entrainment. Here is an explanation of how they work and what benefits they can bring.

Meditation CAN Be for Everyone!

If the old teachings are true that you can only reach the plane of God-consciousness by meditating at 3:00 A.M., does that mean that people who work the night shift are destined to never being able to attain that exalted state of consciousness? Since we know that there is no such thing as there being only one way to pray or only one path to take to reach God-consciousness, it makes sense that there should be no restrictions placed on us for when we can meditate.

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