Powerful Morning Affirmations 10 Minute Guided Meditation

10 min Morning Meditation Guided with Powerful Affirmations for Positive Thinking, success, wealth, confidence, love, and overall well being.

Meditation 101: Part 1 of a 3-Part Series – RELAXATION

One of the hardest parts of meditation is actually doing it…the showing up part. And the number one reason people stop showing up for meditation is because-just like anything else-they don’t enjoy it. If your practice doesn’t give you a sense of joy, goes against your natural intuitive flow, or lacks meaning, it won’t work, it won’t last. On the other hand, a meditation practice that brings you a sense of joy is the one you’ll keep coming back to and even look forward to!

Qigong Meditation: 5 Ways to Improve Posture

How should I sit when I practice meditation? What is the correct posture? How can I change my bad postural habits? In the following article, we look at five important aspects of body alignment for seated meditation and qigong.

How to Meditate Better

“In the West, I do not think it advisable to follow Buddhism. Changing religions is not like changing professions. Excitement lessens over the years, and soon you are not excited, and then where are you? Homeless inside yourself.” – The Dalai Lama

Why Meditation For Healing Works

The main reason meditation for healing can work for you is that it’s a tool for helping you slip past the endless, day-to-day chatter your conscious mind indulges in and which gets in the way of healing energy. Once you can get into the space between your thoughts you will be able to find the pure healing energy of the Universal Consciousness. Just getting yourself into the relaxed state where you can tap into this energy is often all you need to assist with healing on every level.

Meditation Cushions and Posture

Choosing the best meditation cushions for your practice involves a deeper understanding of the way your body works. Aligned and balanced posture enhances our ability to achieve stillness and practice proper breath control. To calm the activity of our thoughts it is important that we understand the benefits to the mind and body that an aligned posture brings.

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