Powerful Morning Guided Meditation ~ Present Moment ~ Gratitude ~ Success

This 10 minute meditation is very Powerful first thing in the morning. You will first be guided into the moment becoming full present with a clear mind. You will then focus on appreciation and gratitude and ending on focusing on your goals which you would like to accomplish. Enjoy!

How To Give Your Meditating A Boost

It is generally accepted that a regular dose of meditation is good for you. And chanting is regarded as a helpful lead to meditating. This article uses a true story to emphasise the importance and value of meditating and chanting.

How To Deal With Stress Using The Power Of The Mind Body Connection

Understanding the mind body connection gives you a massive head start in terms of how to deal with stress. This article written by a chartered psychologist explains why and how.

Meditation: Becoming the Observer

Learning how to meditate can be hard for beginners, especially if one does not have access to a quality teacher. Follow these simple techniques to learn how to start meditating and how to deepen your meditation practice.

Benefits of a Deep Meditation Practise

Are you being greatly perturbed by the various problems in your life? If so then it’s high time you took a moment to discover about the umpteen meditation benefits that can change your life. Rest assured, you will not end up with regrets.

Graviola Benefits – The Miracle Mantra

The new buzzword in medical therapeutics this wonder plant continues to gain popularity in the developed and developing economies alike. The Brazilian Paw Paw, as it is better connoted is known by various names in different geographies, the more popular ones being Soursop and Sirsak. Soursop is not a recent discovery considering the fact that the plant has been known to mankind for centuries. The Spanish call it Guanabana while the Portuguese call it Graviola. If history is any index, it has been consumed by people the world over to treat a range of disease conditions. Literature indicates that while the Brazilian Amazon women drunk the juice to increase lactation, others used the juice mixed with olive oil as a local application to treat Rheumatism. Thus it is scarcely surprising that Graviola benefits are here to stay.

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