Powerful Morning I AM Affirmations 10 Minute Guided Meditation

A Powerful 10 minute morning guided meditation with positive affirmations to get your day starting in the right mindset. Using affirmations first thing in the morning can help you transform your thought patterns and mental attitudes. Enjoy!

Meditation Certification & Teacher Training – 5 (Five) Meditation Tips

From my previous article, we talk about reasons why some people have not reach their meditation benefits, and one of the reason is they are not following the right amount of meditation time. In this article, I will tell you five types of it with their duration time.

Meditation Teacher Training – Types of Meditations and Their Purposes Part 2

Lot of people did the meditation, but unfortunately they have not reached their goal purposes. If they want to reach their calming purpose, they have to do the calming meditation. If they want to reach their love purpose, they have to do the love meditation. This article will tells you meditation tips and types meditation for the specific problem. These are the rest of types of meditation for different purposes.

Merging Ego and Soul Together

Contrary to what most people believe, the ego and soul can be merged together to create an unlimited physical power-source to move your life forward. Most metaphysical and religious study relates to separation of ego and soul, when in fact they should be teaching how to actually merge the illusionary ego with the eternal soul. When this is achieved it creates a unity and unlimited power-source integrated both mentally and spiritually.

Meditation Tips For Beginners – How Anyone Can Meditate

Meditation is the discipline of concentrating your thoughts to achieve spiritual and inner peace. It is an extension of contemplation, reflection and introspection. Read on to discover simple meditation tips for beginners.

How To Deal With Distractions When Meditating

Learning to deal with distractions is very important when meditating as you can get carried away as major thoughts and problems finally cloud your mind to the point that you give up meditation altogether. Make sure you are comfortably seated before you begin. Choose whichever position that suits you best for meditation.

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