Powerful Morning Meditation (10 minute guided meditation)

After using this powerful 10 minute guided morning meditation you will be left with a clear mind, feeling grateful and focused on the day ahead. A great way to start the day. Give it a try and let us now how great you feel… Enjoy!

Sleep Meditation: The Solution to Your Sleep Disorder

Sleep meditation has certainly evolved as the best possible answer to this problem. In the recent times it has become more effective due to the rapid progress in the sphere of audio technology.

The Benefits of Meditation for Stress Management

Stress is a normal part of our lives. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you experience stressful moments which can be caused by a variety of things. Life is filled with challenges and if you do not equip yourself with the strength and courage to battle all of those, you will soon find yourself deep in the abyss of lifelong depression and solitude.

Getting In Touch With The Inner Strength Of Tai Chi

Watching a demonstration of Tai Chi by a student of many years is a beautiful experience. The smooth flowing movements seem to be part of a long dance, however one is not able to understand how inner strength is developed from watching the form performed. It looks so relaxed and soft.

Reflections Of Your Own True Nature

What you present on the outside is really a mirror image of who you are on the inside. If you reflect calmness on the outside you are calm on the inside. You see, calmness is really your true nature; however it takes a long time to manifest on the outside.

The Dharma Gate: A Rock Climbing Love Affair

This is an autobiographical reflection on obsessive athleticism turning into a mature, Zen-based approach to passion and sport. The application of Zen philosophy and meditation towards everyday life.

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