Productive Morning 10 minute guided meditation

Flow into a productive state using this 10 minute guided morning meditation. Eliminate procrastination and worry, and just allow your natural state to flow with productive energy for the day ahead.

Anxious? Irritable? Trouble Sleeping? Turn Your Vagus On!

What do anxiety, irritability, indigestion, and sleeplessness have in common? If you said stress, you’re on the right track. In this article, you’ll learn why your Vagus nerve is so critical and how to activate it to calm your nerves, rest and digest better, and support your body’s natural healing powers.

Meditation and Buddhism Connection

Meditation alone is not attached to a religion or any particular practice. It is an exercise to change the way the mind is working consciously. Meditation is used as a way of self-development to gain control over one’s acts. It also has therapeutic applications.

Meditation and Its Benefits

Meditation is all about the relaxation of the the mind. By remaining completely focused on a single point of concentration, one can bring unity to mind, body, with higher consciousness, and all over bringing peace, harmony, and all the available benefits. The main practice of meditation is observed in removing stress and tension of mind.

An Introduction to the Benefits of Meditation

Do you struggle to be present in life? Are you constantly looking forwards or backwards without noticing the present moment? This article is a short introduction to the benefits of meditation and includes useful links to get you started on your meditation journey.

The Wandering Mind

Meditation is the act of concentration in thought. It is reflection, mind cleansing, a mental way to get your thoughts on a positive track. But, suppose that your mind does not cooperate with your attempts to focus. What is mind wandering?

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