Productive Morning Guided Meditation ~ Become Focused and Create the Perfect Day

This 10 minute Morning guided meditation is perfect first thing in the morning as you prep yourself for a productive day. Become focused and energised for the day… Enjoy!

Chakra Basics

The sun is at the heart of the universe. The heart chakra is at the centre of your own personal universe. In the most basic sense, chakra is a spinning energy source that vibrates wave like frequencies.

Ways to Utilize Meditation Before a Workout

Meditation can be used for many beneficial reasons. It’s a great method to quiet the mind and guide it to seeing new things. Perfect before a workout, it will help you reach your goals sooner.

Using Guided Audio Meditation For Deeper States of Consciousness

Did you know that you can consciously improve your ability to get into deeper states of consciousness by using or leveraging audio meditation? Here are some tips for getting into deeper states for relaxation and even spiritual growth for great health and wellness benefits.

Why Wouldn’t Your Guided Meditations Be Working?

If you have been using some guided meditations in the past that are supposed to work on healing or resolving different areas in your life or consciousness, why wouldn’t they be working? Discover more about affecting your consciousness in this article..a good read if you’ve worked a lot with hypnosis, subliminals or audio meditations that just haven’t delivered on what they said they were about.

7 Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation can be a very rewarding experience. It benefits body, mind and spirit in many ways that can be measured (and others that just “feel” right). The following tips can get you started meditating.

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