Put Your Mind At Ease ~ 10 minute guided meditation

Allow this 10 minute guided meditation to put your mind at ease. Reduce your anxiety, stress and any negative feelings by going within, becoming present to the moment, and detached from any wondering thoughts. Enjoy!

The Best Time of Day For Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful practice, but many people wonder when is the best time for meditation. The answer will vary, depending on the individual and the amount of time one has been meditating. Some Yoga teachers are very specific about the optimum time for meditation, but some of us have very strict work schedules.

Simple Meditation Techniques

Meditation is a fundamental component of a peaceful, yet energized life in a hectic world. It is also fundamental to aligning your vibrations so the Law of Attraction works on what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Have you ever wondered how to meditate?

Learn to Meditate for Beginners

What is this latest hype? The one that is going to solve, not only your health issues, but all your problems? It does not come in a form of a pill. Nor is it really anything new. People all over the world have been performing this ritual for centuries. Learning how to mediate is not very difficult, not even for beginners.

Guided Meditations – Calm, Soothe, and Center

If you had to choose just one change in your daily routine that would have profound impact on every aspect of your everyday life, you could choose exercise, or you could quit smoking. You might give-up caffeine, or you might detoxify. A regular yoga practice would be good. Your best choice, however, would be dedicating an hour to guided meditations. No other health or fitness practice has greater physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual benefits than guided meditations.

Integrate Guided Meditations Into Your Workouts

Reducing fatigue and boredom, guided meditations increase the duration and quality of your daily workouts. Choose what you think about while working out. Have you considered open eyed meditation?

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