Receive Clarity & Guidance 10 Minute Meditation

10 minute guided meditation to receive clarity & Guidance. We often think guidance comes from outside ourselves in the form of signs, or messages from clairvoyants or those “more intuitive” than us who can see more clearly the guidance we need. In reality, the power to receive clarity and guidance always comes from within. Whatever guidance you receive externally, was activated from something within you. In this 10 minute meditation for clarity and guidance you activate the energy alignment for clear and loving guidance. At any given moment there are a magnitude of pathways you could take that lead to your desired outcome. When you take action from a place of love and alignment, you can’t get it wrong. Enjoy!

What is Walking Meditation and Can it Be Used in Daily Life?

Walking meditation is essentially a form of meditation “in action”, meaning you are not sitting or lying still while doing it. This involves being aware of how you are walking and also examining every detail, interior and exterior. One of the main things which separate walking meditation from sitting down is that you will have your eyes open while doing this.

Meditation Exercises Increase Confidence and Decrease Stress

Meditation is used to improve your health, help increase energy levels and increase enjoyment of life by helping you to be in touch with your wise and spontaneously guided higher self. If people took the time to practice the simple exercises which are used to calm the mind, reduce stress and increase energy levels then everybody would benefit from the meditation, including those in your environment who you interact with. In this article we will talk about the true purpose of meditation and why we need to meditate, to help you understand the real…

Meditation to Center Yourself Quickly

It has become a popular new age and self help saying: “you need to center yourself,” or “you need to get centered.” But what exactly does this mean? What is your center?

Muscle Meditation – Progressive Relaxation

Peace is a miraculous thing to experience… even a fleeting glimpse of peace is incredible! Developing more and more peace in your life is a worthy goal, but more people are interested in Power… the kind of effects you begin to create when you are truly aligned with higher principles.

Meditation For Beginners – Persevere Through Challenges

Meditation can be a lot of fun. When done properly, exploring yourself is endlessly fascinating. But it can also be tough. You will discover things about yourself that might not care to admit. When you hit the rough spots… how do you keep going?

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