Relaxing Into The Present Moment | Guided Meditation

Allow this 10 Minute guided meditation guide you into a deep relaxing state with full awareness, and mindful of the present moment. Being in the “here and now,” means that we are alive and aware of what is happening right now. We are not disturbed by past ruminations or future worries but focused in the present moment.

7 Ways To Fit Meditation Into Your Busy Day

Meditation can increase your joy levels and decrease stress. This ancient practice is easy to fit into your busy day by following these seven tips.

Meditation – A Transformation of Consciousness

Our true nature is bliss consciousness. But, if this is true, I hear you say, why are so many people unhappy in the world? Answer: because they don’t realize that they’re living through programmed mind-sets or conditioning. In seeking happiness it’s vital that we don’t see it as separate from our true nature — something to be imported from outside sources or given to us by others in some format.

Breathe Peace and Heal-Mindful Awareness Through Meditation

Meditation and breath awareness are synonymous. Breath gives us life, though we don’t usually give it much thought. Most of us most of the time do not breathe deeply enough. Breathing deeply provides a host of benefits such as properly oxygenated blood that feeds our cells, opening up a channel of communication to our Souls, and much more. We will discuss meditation, what it is, how to do it, its benefits, and how it can help us reach our fullest potential and discover peace.

Zen Health and Wellness

So, ‘Zen’ itself can’t be completely explained in words because it’s not so much a physical belief in something, but more of an ‘Attitude’ or a way of life… it refers to your own personal form of ‘enlightenment’ through meditation and can be used as a major force in your approach to both your physical and your mental state of Natural Health & Wellness..!

Having Trouble Meditating? Here Are 6 Simple Tricks!

If you’ve been trying to meditate but find it difficult to clear your mind, relax, focus, or find the time, these tips can help you. Don’t give up and thinking you can’t meditate, anyone can! It’s easier than you think to reap the benefits from this wonderful activity.

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