Release Your Greatness Guided Meditation ~ A 10 Minute Transformation

A powerful 10 minute transformation Guided Meditation for releasing your Greatness. Great for first thing in the morning, or before sleep. Enjoy!

Self Meditate: Help for Your “Busy Mind”

An easy way to begin a meditation practice and reap the many wonderful benefits to your daily life. Incorporating meditation can be easier than you may think and new practitioners report how wonderful it can be to filter out distraction and overstimulation of their busy minds.

Opening Your Energetic Heart

The energetic/emotional heart is where our feelings live. It is the center of our emotional life and if it is closed, the world seems to be flat and grey. When your heart is open, the world is full of possibilities and is brightly lit. So, how do you go about opening your energetic/emotional heart? There is no single answer to that question that will fit each person. I would offer some suggestions that have worked for me over the past years.

Is Meditation a Detachment From the Material World?

One of the most fascinating things about meditation is its level of antiquity, extending back through time to prehistoric history. It’s been speculated that, at that time, rhythmic chanting was used to induce a state of meditation that resembled hypnosis in nature. We know this from myths and legends that have been transferred by word-or-mouth traditions, in several different cultures and in several different nations.

What Is Mindfulness and Why Should I Care?

This article provides a very brief overview of the practice of mindfulness meditation. It also discusses how meditation can be helpful to anyone in our overly busy, hectic culture.

February – The Month of the Heart – Open Heart Meditation

Find deeper joy in life by opening your emotional and energetic heart through meditation. Daily meditation can bring greater peace and serenity to your life. It has been shown to bring incredible physical benefits as well. When you meditate your heart rate and respiration rate slows which allows the body to mend itself. This brings better health and ultimately longer life.

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