Self Love Guided Meditation with Positive Affirmations

A guided Meditation developing a deep self love using positive affirmations.

The Secret to Achieving a “Summertime” State of Mind

The weather is not something we can always predict, and if it is raining during the summer months it can be devastating. This article shows you a simple way you can bring the sunshine into your life, even when the sun is not shining outside!

Home Remedies – Inexpensive and Unadulterated

“Grandma’s Secrets” have always been the favorite name for home remedies for natural illnesses and the traditional way of being healthy and fit. Home remedies best suit those who are patient and want the best results without any side effects.

Building Your Self Confidence – Oom Yung Doe

All the way through the history, traditional moo doe masters have urbanized proper training methods that build barely credible internal and external strengths. Many Traditional Moo Doe masters spent their lives studying the principles of nature’s strengths in order to truly understand the proper path of developing the mind, body, and spirit.

Understanding the Purpose of Meditation

As the practice of meditation becomes well known in mainstream culture, the discussion over what it means and how it is done becomes increasingly passionate. Like so many other topics, the differences in meditation often may lie more in perception than in actual intention.

Meditation – What It Is

I mentioned earlier that I was going to re-define meditation; it is not so much redefining as it is clarifying Webster’s definitions. There seems to be a general misnomer that to meditate has, up until now, always been reserved for the “Spiritually Enlightened”; there has always been the ideology that it requires a specific way that it should be done; like having to sit in a specific posture, breathe a certain way, hold your fingers and thumb in a circle, etc.

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