Set Yourself Free 10 minute Guided Meditation for Letting Go

This 10 minute Guided Meditation will allow yourself to let go and break free from negative thoughts, beliefs, and social conditioning.

Meditation – How Can Practicing Meditation Help Me?

The ancient art of meditation has many benefits. Health improvements are on the top of the list… both physically and mentally. If you haven’t given it a try yet, you might want to consider it. There’s ALWAYS room for self improvement, especially when it involves your living a more healthy and calm lifestyle. Rest, relax and reap the benefits of this age old practice. You’ll be glad you did!!

4 Great Free iPhone Apps for Binaural Meditation

Binaural Beats¬†– This app gives users the opportunity to customize their binaural beats experience by creating their own tracks out of a combination of binaural beats, background noise, and ambient sounds to customize your own theme. You can also customize further by…

Meditation For Beginners – Streamline The Process With Brain Entrainment Technology

My latest article is geared towards those who have little or no experience within the field of meditation. After explaining what meditation is, I will present the possible use of brain entrainment as an aid in training your mind to reach altered states.

The Benefits of Regular Meditation

Do you feel stressed? Do sometimes feel as if everything is just hard? Do you seem to think that you just have no time to relax? Ever dream of going on a vacation but just cannot seem to find the time nor the finances to afford it? Would you like to find ways to relieve yourself of the stresses of the world without the need to spend too much time and money? Then why don’t you try meditating? Then there are tons of benefits that come with regular meditation.

Don’t Learn to Meditate (Until You Try THIS First!)

Are you planning on learning how to meditate? Have you read about the bevy of beautiful benefits that a daily meditative practice can bring to your life? Do you want to be more relaxed, look more youthful, deepen you own spiritual practice or simply be more focused and FREE? The truth is, meditation is one of the most amazing natural technologies for transformation, and as I’m sure most who have tried it can attest, not only can it CHANGE you at your very core… it feels GREAT to boot!

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