Shifting from Thinking to Being (10 Minute Guided Meditation)

This 10 minute guided meditation will have you shifting from overthinking to just being. Transitioning from the thinker, to the observer your allowing you to detach yourself from your thoughts, so you can just be. As you begin to let go of your thoughts you can allow yourself to become at peace with the moment, and enjoy the simple state of being…. Enjoy!

Why I Like Meditation

I like meditation because it is time out from a busy life. Meditation is about relaxing and that can be hard to do but sometimes when my head is clanging and I feel stressed I really need to meditate.

How To Practice Effective Tantra Meditation

Tantra meditation involves the utterance of tantra mantras (or scared chants), tantra breathing and reverend introspection and reflection. However, it does not, as a rule, require the practitioner to have sex. Rather, the intention is to find that space of utter non-thinking that is invariably attained during the final stages of the sexual act and ensuing orgasm. The mind is neither willing nor able to hold on to any thoughts at this decisive time of sexual ecstasy. Likewise, the objective of tantra meditation is to reach and maintain this state.

Easy Meditation Techniques in 6 Steps

Meditation is not hard to do. It may be hard to start, just like anything else. But if you give it a chance and try it, you probably will have a meditation experience. That is to say, you will feel like you actually meditated.

Easing the Difficulties of Zen Meditation

Many people believe that Zen meditation is hard. Find out just how to make the most of your attempts at this form of meditation.

Some Insightful Information About The Many Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is all about clearing out your mental space to let your thoughts flow free. Developed in India over two millennia ago, meditation involves mapping the body and dividing it by chakra or in seven divisions. This involves a concept known as the “auric body”.

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