Sleep Meditation Guided 20 Minute

Let this 20 minute guided meditation for sleep put you into a deeply relaxing state so that you can drift away for the night. This meditation will induce sleep by scanning each of your body parts, allowing them to let go of any tension, while becoming very relaxed, allowing gravity to do it’s thing. Have a good night 🙂 Enjoy!

How to Meditate for Beginners – 8 Essential Factors You Need to Know!

Regardless if you are new to mediation or a seasoned practitioner, these 8 essential factors are paramount to one’s own growth. It outlines both the fundamentals and the philosophy that are the key ingredients to lay a strong foundation on how to meditate effectively and efficiently, to live a stress-free life.

Faith and Relaxation Are The EDGE to Compliment Your Life

Why meditation works to increase faith is explained by the reality of releasing the treasures that are laying dormant unless we delve within to unleash their power. No matter the attributes one acquires whether physical or material through artificial means through harmony will evade one unless meditation is explored to its full potential. Jesus says in the gospels that where our heart is there resides our treasures which means that if we really explore our true essence then we attract the truth we desire. The question is why have faith?

Learn How to Practice Different Meditation Techniques

Meditation is an art. It takes time and needs effort to master this art. But, it is not easy to do, without proper guidance and helpful instructions. This article is a focus on common meditation techniques and how to practice them with the help of meditation CDs.

Theta Meditation – An Explanation

You must be wondering what this theta medication is and how it works? The article describes the technique of theta medication and the benefits of this meditation technique.

Meditation For Beginners – Tips To Make The Process Effective

Meditation is a process with the help of which the people leading a stressful life could get relaxed to a certain level. Meditation for beginners offer certain tips that could make the whole process effective for the individuals. Meditation CDs, however, are also available to help the beginners.

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