SUPERCHARGE YOUR MIND Guided Alpha Wave Meditation Boost Your Mood ~ Creativity ~ Learning ~ Memory

Get ready to Supercharge your Mind using this 10 minute guided meditation utilising the power of Alpha waves. When you feel a bit low or lack motivation, it may help to improve your alpha brainwaves. Recent research indicates that inducing alpha brainwaves can help make you more creative, and may even help relieve depression.
Since alpha waves are associated with calm mental states, many experts agree that increasing alpha activity can help reduce stress and anxiety, and help you stay calm.
Scientists writing in the Cortex journal have also provided evidence that enhancing alpha waves can improve overall creativity.
The same researchers also believe there is good evidence that the alpha wave function has been affected by people with depression – this, they add, means changing alpha brain behaviour may be a possible way to combat low mood.
Relaxation, enhanced learning, memory, attention, and serotonin development are all correlated with alpha waves. Meditation, mindfulness and other strategies (such as alpha wave music) that increase the brain activity are good because they can enhance memory, attention and learning.

Invisibility Cloak Of The Old, But Rested Wizard

Guided meditation. Spiritual healing meditation, to protect against negative energy.

How to Transform Your Life With Simple Meditation

Each day, in all forms of media, we hear more and more about the awesome benefits of meditation from helping us to manage stress levels more effectively to lowering blood pressure and stimulating the immune system. Meditation also increases our awareness of living in the present moment, promotes joy and serenity, and helps us cope with the problems of life. It has also been shown to help overcome insomnia.

Don’t Mess Around – Meditate With Intent

Don’t drift into meditation. Decide want you want to get from it and then find the techniques that suit your lifestyle and intent.

Easy Beginner’s Start Guide To Meditation!

I guarantee that if you just make the commitment to give it a try yourself, even for just a few weeks, you will be astonished at the difference meditation can make to your life and indeed… your whole world! Thanks to the amazing benefits and life changing results it can bring, a growing number of people are intending to get started with meditation. If you are among those people and wanting to start your meditation adventure then ensure you tick off all the things below you will need to get started!

How To Reach a State Of Nirvana

Question (Frank): When I do meditate I am having trouble getting to that so called zone. How can I get to that zone, the state of nirvana?

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