Ten Minute Meditation for Self Love

Just like trees need water and sunlight to grow big and strong, so too does our self love need nurturing. Use this 10 minute self love guided meditation and visualization to help you nurture your own self love so that it can *continually* grow more healthy, strong and vibrant, getting deeper and more powerful all throughout your life!

Are You So Anxious to Succeed in Meditation That You Are Killing Your Meditation?

When I first started meditating, I did nothing but complain. I was guilty of saying things like: “It’s not working.” “I can’t do this.”

Meditation and Music – Treating Your Ears and Your Psyche Simultaneously

When you think about it music and meditation are natural partners. Of course it has to be the right kind of music to put you in that relaxed state.

How to Go Deeper Into Meditation

How do you go deeper into meditation? You intend to do so, and practice a simple technique.

Can Meditation Heal Emotional Trauma?

Meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation are all techniques or habits that have been used for handling mild and severe emotional trauma for a very long time. Mindfulness is required just to acknowledge the feelings (which can cause a shift by itself), and meditation and contemplation are ideal ways to begin to accept the emotional trauma.

Introduction to Meditation For the Complete Beginner

People have been meditating since before the written word. Early shaman would go into a trance and emerge with answers granted from the gods. I won’t say that their message was truly from any gods, but their state of mind was certainly conducive to deep thought.

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