Throat Chakra Meditation for Complete Self Expression

This 10 minute throat chakra guided meditation helps you connect with your throat’s energy centre while tuning into powerful affirmations to strengthen your throat chakra and connection to powerful and healthy self expression. Enjoy!

Walking Meditation for Fitness of Mind and Body

Walking meditation is a form of meditation that not a lot of people really know all that much about. Sure, we all know that it can be peaceful to go out for a walk, and that some people seem to be in an almost trance like state as they wander around the streets and parks, but it really can be a good way to just exercise your mind and body at the same time.

Meditation for People on the Go

One of the good things about meditating at these hours is that the environment is usually calm and tranquil which is very essential in meditation. Another advantage is that you can be sure that no one will around to bother you while you’re meditating. But you can meditate from time to time, especially if you’re under extreme stress.

What Is a Gong Meditation?

The gong has been used for thousands of years as an important a tool for healing and meditation. When you experience a Gong Meditation, you can expect to do a few relaxing breathing exercises to open the body’s chakras (energy centers), and then comfortably recline to your mat or a chair or sit in a meditative posture. The Gong playing begins.

Stress and Dharma

DHARMA means a principle that holds the universe together. It has two aspects. One is conceptual and the other is practical; which are complementary to each other.

Utilizing an Audio Recording to Enhance Your Meditation

People who are trying to meditate often cannot reach a meditative state due to outside distractions. An audio recording from a meditation download site can enhance one’s meditation.

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