Wake up with Positive Energy ~ 10 Minute Morning Guided Meditation

Best used first thing in the morning, this 10 minute guided meditation will have you waking up full of positive energy. Not only will you be feeling good about the day ahead, it will leave you with a clear mind, relaxed body, and a positive outlook. Enjoy!

Lucid Dream Induction – Remembering Your Dreams

One of the things that help you with lucid dream induction is being able to remember your own dreams. This helps build up recollection which is important for various methods that you can use to induce yourself into one of these dream like states. The problem is when some of us wake up, after a few minutes we can’t even remember what was dreamt about which is going to cause problems for recollection but there are ways that you can actually improve this though.

“Sshing” Your Brain

Even with the deliberate effort to quiet the mind and be at peace through meditation, it is sometimes difficult. Maybe your brain needs a little TLC before it can calm down.

This Is Your Brain On Meditation

A daily meditation practice soothes and awakens your brain’s highest potential. Here’s how, step by step.

Six Steps to a Successful Meditation

A lot people all over the globe have heard of the many benefits of mediation but they don’t know how to meditate. Meditation when done in the proper manner will help anyone achieve their inner peace and focus whether they are meditating for self-healing purposes or for spiritual reasons.

Types of Meditation: Different Techniques You Can Try

Meditation is just a general term, for the endless ways to achieving a relaxed state of mind. There are many different ways of meditating, proper meditation takes a lot of practice and even the most experienced individual, will experience a wandering mind once in a while. The trick to efficient meditating lies, in slowly returning to your focus of concentration, as soon as the concentration is broken.

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