Welcome the Day ~ Morning 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Welcome the Day with this morning guided meditation. 10 minutes is all you need to start the day off with the right mindset. Feel positive, with a clear mind easing into your day feeling great! Enjoy!

The Exercise of Enlightenment

Doing prostrations can be very beneficial to one’s life. A prostration is a gesture used in Buddhist practice to show reverence. Among Buddhists, prostration is believed to be very beneficial for practitioners.

Silence in Noise

I know that the combination of meditation, being still and seeing context in a situation is very powerful for results. My performance is heightened and results are achieved without trying. An aura of peace and calm also envelope my being. I am able to attend to any situation however negative it may seem. My silent state has a vacuum-like feel inside me. This is coupled with a light blue color and a soft whistling sound. As I understand the building blocks of my internal experience I am able to access this state any time anywhere. I know successful people have a strong semblance of what occurs in their internal world. They are thoroughly aware of how to manage their state of mind for high performance.

When Is The Best Time To Practice?

Meditation early in the morning sets the tone for an extraordinary day. Here are a few practices to help produce anti aging, health, flexibility, and agility.

Calming Stress Relief Can Be Found in Meditation

In today’s fast moving and modern world, we are constantly being barraged by an overwhelming flow of information and demands on our attention. Whether it is the crying baby, a ringing telephone, or just your never-ending list of to dos, let’s face it: You are stressed out. As you have probably noticed, meditation has gained prominence recently as a hugely effective calming stress relief method. However, unlike other ways of relieving stress (exercise, sleep, eating, sex… ) meditation has a durable, lasting effect on your stress levels and peace of mind.

Ramana Maharshi’s Meditation Technique for Enlightenment

Ramana Maharshi offered us 3 main teachings to enlightenment. Learn his 3 steps to attaining enlightenment that can transform your meditations into an immediate awakening into self realization here and now.

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