You Are Full of Possibilities Guided Meditation

This 10 minute guided meditation uses visualisation to help you recognise and tap into a deeper understanding of just how supported you are in accessing your infinite possibilities for everything to work out for your highest most loving good.

Beginner Breathing Techniques in Meditation

Your breath is your link to health and vitality. Learning to breath correctly forms the cornerstone of all yoga and meditation techniques. Known as pranayama, (control of the breath) breathing techniques can be used in a variety of ways in meditation. As a beginner you may feel overwhelmed by all the advise and guidelines surrounding meditation and even wonder what breathing has to do with meditation. To help you learn how to use your breathe to calm and steady your mind, practice the three following beginner breathing meditations.

Guided Meditation For Gratitude, Expectancy and Faith

Guided Meditation can help bring you what you desire. Guided Meditation can help you work less and earn more. Guided Meditation can help you enjoy your life and work more.

How Can I Always Be Happy? – Here is the Key to a Joyful and Peaceful You!

All of us would wish that we could always be happy. However, most of us are looking for happiness in places where it can never be found. Once we understand this, we can look in the right places and start to cultivate our natural inner state of joy and happiness. Everyone can get to that place where you can always be happy. Find out more here…

Finding the Right Meditation Techniques For Beginners

If you really wish to start meditation and know about various meditation techniques for beginners then you should read on. Meditation refers to a process in which an individual trains his mind for realizing some kind of benefit.

MP3 Meditation – Useful Or Not?

Through the centuries meditation has used gongs, chimes, bells, chanting, music and rhythm as aids during meditation. Om is the underlying hum of the universe. (Interesting thought, isn’t it?) MP3 meditation is a twenty first century adaptation of these principles. Sound has always been a crucial element of meditation healing and the various meditation techniques.

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