You Are Limitless ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Limitless…An enlightening experience, timeless moment in which consciousness is simply aware of its underlying true nature, this 10 minute meditation will guide you to where your sense of experiences happening to ‘me’ disappears, and the everyday stream of thought stops running. Enjoy!

Guided Meditation CDs: What Are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats have been reported to increase your creativity, reduce stress and aid in relaxation, and help you achieve deeper meditative states in less time. This article explains what binaural beats are, how they work, and and how you can find them in certain guided meditation CDs to deepen your meditation practice, quit smoking, lose weight, or any number of other desired outcomes.

How to Relieve Stress With Mindfulness

Stress is debilitating and dangerous for our health if it prevails long term. With a guide to mindfulness meditation, we can learn to reduce stress, build resilience, improve mental health and quality of life.

Meditation for Athletes – How to Use Meditation to Achieve Your Goals

Athletes can meditate on their goals too. Each day, thousands of people are meditating at each and every minute; many of these individuals use visualization. Science has shown that during meditation if visualization is utilized the brain can produce the same physical responses as it would in reality. Visualization techniques are extremely useful for athletes wishing to achieve their goals. For the athlete, meditation with intent, focus, and practice can greatly increase performance. In this brief article I will outline some of the possible reasons for athletes using meditation to achieve their goals.

3 Simple Ways to Do Meditation for Beginners

Meditation has been proven by many research to be one of the practice that offers a lot of benefits to our mind and body, such as: to relieve stress, to improve concentration, to prevent dementia, etc. However, beginners might find out that it is not an easy practice as there are many ways of meditation that are available out there. For beginners, here are 3 ways of meditation that are simpler and easier to follow:

How to Use Meditation to Help You Get Over Addiction

In order to properly deal with nearly any form of addiction, to root cause must first be discovered. Most addiction comes from a need to deal with an emotion. Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, and a pessimistic world view are but a few causes of most addictions. It can be argued that many of these troublesome emotions come from what many Buddhist teachings call “grasping at the self” which can also mean trying obsessively to meet ones needs. In this state, we cling to external objects or things to fulfill our needs and believe some thing or substance can make us feel good. Meditation teaches that everything you need can be found within. In this article I will highlight some of the ways that meditation can be extremely helpful in dealing with addictions.

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