You Are Loved and Supported ~ An Uplifting Morning Meditation

Allow yourself to feel loved and supported with this 10 minute uplifting guided morning meditation.

Meditation and Breathing – Suggestions for Beginners

I learned to do deep breathing and meditation from a behavioral psychologist, a yoga teacher, and a Buddhist monk. I meditate to help my mental and physical well-being. This article will share what I have learned about meditation and deep breathing. Information intended for novices and people with some experience in meditation, who want to learn how to start up or improve their meditation practice.

Blissfully Better: Powerful Age-Defying Benefits of Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

Feeling healthy, happy and energized at any age begins with creating a balanced lifestyle. While exercising and diet is great for the body, balanced living also means nourishing and nurturing the mind and spirit. Yoga, meditation and other forms of mindfulness practice provide that nourishment and also act as a natural counter-balance to the everyday stress of our hectic modern lives.

Meditation: The Mindful Art Of Relaxation

There are many types of meditation that people around the world practice today. It’s a personal exercise and people have their own reasons for wanting to practice the art. Some types of meditation suit different people better than others with spirituality, fitness, and concentration all playing parts in the exercise.

How to Experience That Everything Is One Consciousness in Meditation

Simple step-by-step teaching on how you can experience that everything is one consciousness in meditation. Learn how to transcend the mind and experience oneness.

Shiva Lingam Mala Beads

Add a mala blessed with a sacred intention to your altar and your vibrations will merge with those in the cosmos taking you to a higher plateau of conciousnesss. Mala beads strung with powerful intentions raise your kundalini and align your chakras.

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