You Are Perfect as You Are | A Guided Meditation

You are perfect as you are, a guided meditation for self acceptance, self esteem, self confidence, and to improve your overall self image.

What Is Meditation?

What is meditation and why should you meditate? Read on and discover the incredible benefits and experiences you can have if you practice meditation.

Manifestation Visualization Video – Great New Meditation Technique or Useless Gimmick?

The idea that we create our reality with our thoughts is hardly a new one, but has gained much more attention since publication of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Manifestation is now discussed all over the web and, not surprisingly, various charlatans are trying to sell us products that will supposedly help us do this. One of the latest offerings is manifestation visualization video, a creative combination of an isochronic brainwave entrainment recording with accompanying images and verbal affirmations flashed on the screen before the user. In this article, we explore whether this technology works.

Practicing Meditation to Manifest Your Destiny

We can try to surround ourselves with positive people and situations, but it is not always easy to control our environment. Instead of changing people around us, we can shift our realities by shifting our thoughts, and the best way to do that is through meditation.

The Beginners Guide To The Art Art Of Meditation

If you want to transform your life using a skill to enhance the deep true understanding of self and develop your true inner potential – Then look no further than the art of self meditation. To begin to develop this art secure a quiet place, somewhere where you cannot be disturb, you can begin your session with five minutes and stretch the time while you develop the art. Sit in a comfortable position, a natural way is to sit with your back erected and legs crossed.

Getting Started With Meditation

A while ago, meditation was perceived to be an ambiguous practice reserved for monks and Buddha worshippers. However, today it is a well-accepted practice across the globe with a lot of information available on how to have better meditation and how meditation can help our lives. There are also many testimonials of people who have highly appreciated the practice and are benefiting from it. Many psychics practice the art and can give you tips on how to start whilst giving a reading.

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