You Are Radiant, Awake & Alive ~ Morning Positive Energy Body Scan ~ Guided Meditation

This Morning Guided Meditation is a great tool to maintain a positive balance between your mind and your body. It is a simple technique that you can practice anytime and anywhere to become radiant with positive energy feeling fully awake and alive. The more you practise, the more benefits will arise , and the longer they last – in both mind and body. Enjoy!

What Is Choiceless Awareness?

Many people find the practice of choiceness awareness in mindfulness courses difficult. This article explains why and offers a slightly adapted set of instructions to carry out this more advanced meditation practice.

How Spiritual Meditation Can Improve Your LIfe

Improve Your Life with Spiritual Meditation When you take a look at the lifestyles of most people these days, it’s no wonder that the practice of spiritual meditation is gaining attention. People are discovering that there are many benefits to learning how to meditate spiritually.

What The Heck Is Transcedental Meditation?

So What The Heck Is TM? TM is a very simple, yet effective technique. It is a mental procedure that is best practiced twice daily for a period of twenty minutes per session.

Meditation: What’s It All About?

There has been much buzz about meditation and its benefits. Here is a little guide to help you get started.

I Can’t Breathe, How Can I Do Breathing Meditation?

It is a common instruction for beginner meditation students to start with the breathing meditation, which is often called the sitting meditation as it’s mostly done while sitting down. The usual instruction is to find the breath where it can be felt most obvious and most distinct. Now breathing is an involuntary function for the most part.

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