You Will Feel Great after this 10 minute guided meditation

This 10 minute guided meditation is suitable for anyone looking for a short meditation they can do anywhere. Within this you will become focused on mindfulness, and will leave you feeling great! Enjoy!

What Is Meditation? Part 2

Meditation is as old as creation, because it is an inherent state in all of creation. It is simple, natural. Although like anything else, it has been through a process of evolution and sometimes de-evolution in the way human beings have realised it.

Learning The Art Of Enlightenment Through Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is able to let you make the most of your life without years of training. The first steps towards bettering yourself can be done in minutes.

Do You Pray or Meditate?

Mindfulness teaches non-attachment, impermanence. For me one of the many benefits of the practice of mindfulness has been non- attachment. What do I mean by that?

Meditation Benefits Seniors

One of the most common side effects of aging is slowing down not only physically, but mentally as well. This causes frustration and sometimes depression in senior citizens. One thing that can slow down the effects of aging is meditation. Hundreds of studies have shown that meditating for just a short while each day can diminish or even stop both physical and mental decline, especially in seniors. Those that assist seniors through home health care may show them meditation techniques which will help them to feel better. They can also learn these techniques by taking recreational classes.

Sleep Disorders And How Meditation Helps Solve It

There are many ways to cure insomnia and other sleep disorders today, whether medical or natural. But a lot of doctors also promote meditation. According to a study, people who meditate improve on sleep latency, total sleep time, total wake time, wake after sleep onset, sleep efficiency, and sleep quality.

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